The Amir Khan Foundation’s mission to prevent child abuse in Pakistan has stepped up a gear after leading international law firm Clyde & Co announced that they will be representing the foundation’s interests by providing legal support and guidance in the tragic Zohra Shah case.

Advocacy efforts in the case, which are seeking justice for murdered Zohra, have received a huge boost with Clyde & Co partner Taimur Malik agreeing to consult pro-bono for the Amir Khan Foundation.

Zohra’s brutal death at the hands of her evil abusers shocked Pakistan and prompted conversations about the nation’s need to better protect children. Appalled by her murder, Amir Khan launched the Zohra Shah Child Protection Fund to safeguard other innocent children from human rights violations.

It is believed the attachment of Mr Malik’s leadership and experience to the case will be essential in the campaign to bring change to child protection regulations, from a social, financial and legal perspective.

Mr Malik, who is founder of Courting the Law, said: “I am pleased to be involved with this case and to have the chance to seek some semblance of justice for Zohra’s grieving family. What happened to her is not an isolated case, and it fits into a larger pattern of abuse of children in Pakistan.”

Amir added: “Securing the support of Clyde & Co is a significant step forward in our long-term strategy to fight for the rights of children. Our Child Protection Fund in Zohra's name will protect hundreds and thousands of children in years to come, and it is our eventual aim to totally eradicate child abuse from Pakistan.”

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