As part of its response to the Covid-19 crisis, the Amir Khan Foundation has distributed 10,000 emergency food parcels to struggling families in Pakistan.

The parcels were distributed at the Amir Khan Academy in Islamabad, where there have been extreme food shortages due to the closure of essential shops. Each emergency food pack contained vital supplies, filled with nourishing products and ingredients. 

Founder and trustee of the foundation, Amir Khan, said: “After seeing people suffer in Pakistan with food shortages due to the pandemic, we felt compelled to mobilise. These essential bags contain rice, flour, daal (lentils), chickpeas, juices, water, powdered milk and bars of soap to help fulfil at least the basic necessities families in need.”

The two-time World Champion and Olympic medallist thanked the Pakistan Army for their help in distributing the bags, as well as his own team on the ground, which additionally targeted 25 hard-to-reach villages in four provinces. The mobilisation effort was aided by Syed Zulfi Bukhari, a Minister within the Pakistan government. Mr Bukhari said: “We are very grateful to Amir for leading from the front and thank the impeccable work of his foundation for this hugely important relief effort. These food packs have proved a real lifeline to thousands of families in a time of critical need.” 

The Amir Khan Foundation is also raising money in the UK to provide Covid-19 relief for hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in the UK, who are struggling with homelessness and/or food poverty.

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