The Issue

"Millions of people in the UK are without food, while tonnes of perfectly good food is being wasted by restaurants and companies. Join us in the fight against food poverty & food waste."
Amir Khan Founder & Trustee


people in the UK are living in food poverty


tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the UK


meals could be created from the amount of food wasted in the UK


of Pakistan’s 200 million population is expected to fall under the poverty line due to Covid-19


are in Pakistan are said to lack adequate housing


excess winter deaths in the UK in one year alone

Our Response

The Amir Khan Foundation has partnered with Fareshare – the UK’s largest food distribution charity – to actively fight hunger and food waste.

Good food should not go to waste, especially when there are millions without adequate food supplies. Through our partnership with Fareshare, we redistribute surplus food to charities, which then become meals for those in need.

On a weekly basis, our partnership with Fareshare is supporting almost 1 million people. Through Fareshare’s 22 regional centres and 11,000 frontline organisations, which are spread across 1,900 towns and cities across the UK, we can ensure that no family is left without food.

This Ramadan, support our essential work with Fareshare by dedicating your zakat to food poverty: 0.25p provides a single meal. Help us eradicate food poverty for all.

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