Horrified by the plight of Zohra Shah, the Amir Khan Foundation has launched a major campaign to raise funds to protect innocent children from abuse and torture.

Eight-year-old Zohra was an unpaid domestic worker, who was abused, tortured, and eventually killed by a couple in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She was brought to hospital earlier this month with extreme injuries, including to her face, hands, torso and legs. She also had wounds on her thighs, which suggested that she might have been sexually assaulted. Zohra died from the injuries she sustained.

Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdhoom were so distraught over Zohra’s ordeal that they have since been supporting the girl’s family directly, visiting them in Islamabad and pledging to provide her four siblings with the education that their sister was cruelly denied. 

Compelled to ensure no other child suffers the same plight as Zohra, the Amir Khan Foundation launched the ‘Zohra Shah Child Protection Fund’, which will provide a four-pronged approach to combatting child abuse and domestic exploitation.

The fund’s objectives will be to provide support to victims and their families through financial aid and trauma therapy, while bringing perpetrators to justice through public campaigns to highlight individual cases. The fund will also build a network of grassroots organisations to lobby for legislative change, and financially support projects that protect vulnerable children from abuse.

Amir said: “Zohra’s case shocked us to the core. We are now deeply committed to bringing together organisations within and outside Pakistan to find long term solutions that protect our children.”

The foundation will provide updates about the progress of the fund over the coming months.

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