World champion boxer Amir Khan supervised the first ever professional boxing fight in Pakistan’s history. Hosted by Governor’s House Lahore and inaugurated by the Governor of Punjab, Chaudhry Sarwar, the event was a huge success bringing together several federal and provincial ministers from all over the country. 

Khan’s recent appointment as President of the Middle East Continental Federation promises great change for the boxing world. With plans to encourage more girls and women into boxing and the provision of a safer, more diverse professional boxing environment for aspiring athletes who may not have access to training and sufficient equipment. This event is one of many others planned by Khan to provide greater opportunities to those within underprivileged communities. 

Many boxers were competing for the WBC Middle East title, including Pakistani former flyweight boxer, Muhammad Waseem, and Jeny Boca of the Philippines, alongside Nadir Baloch from Pakistan and Jawad Hassan from Afghanistan.

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