A 20 year feud finally came to an end in what has been hailed as the most intense fight in modern British boxing as Kell Brook claimed victory over Amir Khan in a long-anticipated match. 

Former World Champion, Amir Khan fought aggressively to stand his ground against Brook. His spirit was unshakeable from the second he stepped foot inside the ring and did not waver throughout the course of the fight. The Bolton raised fighter fought courageously through six rounds with Brook but the match came to an end when referee Victor Loughlin stepped in to end the match. 

Despite Brook fighting a level beyond what was expected, Khan stayed on his feet and exceeded viewers and commentators expectations. Matchroom Boxing promoter Hearn said that Khan deserved all the “props” for his determination in the fight, “Fair play to him, he never stopped trying to win”. 

Their rivalry was replaced with respect and admiration for one another as the bell rang to signal the end of the match. In a true display of sportsmanship Brook approached Khan’s corner to offer his best wishes which Khan returned with a congratulatory round of applause for his opponent. 

Khan has not let this defeat get him down as he comments, “Each fight comes with many lessons, I’ve learnt so much during training, not just about boxing but also about my own spirit, my own resilience. I will never give up. That is true victory”.

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