The hotly anticipated new BBC reality series Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton has launched, shining the spotlight on Amir’s life with wife Faryal and their three children, Lamaisah, Alayna and Zaviyar.

The show invites the cameras into the family’s Bolton home, giving viewers an exclusive look at their daily dramas and exciting new ventures. In a TV-first, producers gained unprecedented access for the eight-part fly-on-the-wall series, showing what really goes on behind closed doors.

Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton will also provide a unique close-up on the making of Amir’s bespoke new portrait, ‘Olympic King’, which has been created by leading contemporary artist San B. Viewers will see San outline his vision for the piece, which features more than 40,000 Swarovski® crystals, and gradually complete it over 500 painstaking hours.

The finished artwork will be one of the biggest prizes in the Amir Khan Foundation’s ‘Lots for Life auction’. Due to be held over two weeks in April, the auction will raise urgently needed funds for individuals and families in the UK who are either homeless and/or are struggling to get by on low incomes during the pandemic.

Highlighting the ups and downs of parenting and life in the public eye, the show will also touch on issues such as mental health, social media trolling and therapy. Meanwhile, the launch of Faryal Makhdoom’s cosmetic line will be covered, as well as potential new business opportunities for Amir. Filming also included a trip to New York and house-hunting challenges in Dubai.

Meet the Khans: Big In Bolton is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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