There were smiles all round as two-time World Boxing Champion Amir Khan took part in a memorable ‘meet and greet’ with youngsters taking part in the Rising Stars initiative in Dubai.

The Rising Stars scheme was founded by Rahima Amiraly, and in conjunction with the Amir Khan Foundation and WBC Cares, will help children and young adults with special needs and disabilities achieve their dreams.

As President of the newly formed World Boxing Council Middle East, Amir is thrilled to be involved, telling the children: “We want to develop your talent. We want to showcase what you guys are. We want to show the world and show Dubai that you guys are champions. Rahima has done an amazing thing here.”

Offering his advice to the youngsters, he added: “Chase your dream and never ever give up. Even on days when I lost fights; I was so down, I was so upset, but I never gave up. I kept pushing and pushing.”

Rahima also spoke of her joy at Amir’s participation in the initiative, saying: “We are really excited to collaborate with Amir, who is supporting our stars to achieve their dreams. It is so important to make children feel included and become the rising stars they want to be.”

Recently launched, WBC Cares Middle East is part of the global WBC Cares organisation, which has volunteer members in 166 countries. It sends World Champion athletes into youth centres, hospitals, gyms, orphanages and disaster areas with supplies and messages of inspiration. Under the guidance of Jose Sulaiman, WBC Cares uses its vast platform to share the fundamental principles of boxing: diversity, sportsmanship and dedication.

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